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Hello visitor!
How often do you visit websites to check if your favorite manga was released?

Using this website - you will be able to receive notifications when the manga that you were following is released. At this moment I have implemented a limitation for the amount of manga that you can monitor... Standard (one and only ATM) subscription plan allows you to monitor up to 20 mangas. The delay between website-checks are configured to 10 minutes.
Here is the screenshot of interface. So, go check it. No hidden fees or charges, although if you wish - you can contact me to send a donation ;)

P.S.: Originally, PHP script was for my pesonal use only, but then I decided to put it on public hosting for everybody to use. Please expect to see bugs and glitches from time to time. I am planning on finishing the website as the time goes by.
P.P.S.: Register and spread the world!.