Design patterns in programmer’s life

The time has come to document the key concepts of design patterns. Since most of my knowledge in programming comes from the self education – during my earlier phases of learning I have missed some core information about the programming. This also includes the design patterns (or the “code patterns”, as I usually call them).

The earlier you get to know them – the easier the coding life will be on you 🙂

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Connecting 2 devices by Ethernet cable

Ok, so there are cases, when one wants to connect 2 devices by cable. It has some advantages over WiFi, such as, higher speed and reduced latency when transmitting data over LAN, close to none packet loss, better reliability. In some cases, latency – is the decisive factor. To be able to use SteamLink with minimum lag – this article will be of some use.

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Hello world!


My name is Alex and this post symbolizes the creation of my personal blog. There is still some work left to be done, such as configuring SEO, analytics, setting up “about” and “contact” pages and other low prioritized tasks. I am also considering migrating this WordPress blog to GitHub-Pages, as that seems to be very viable option which does not even need a dedicated hosting. Though, this option requires setting things up and additional modding, which I currently don’t have time for.

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